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Selling sigs....get IMG sigs
Hello. My friend on my forums is a GREAT graphics desginer! My friend made almost ALL my sigs and I LOVE them! PM me if you want one. My friend can make a sig with an image of whatever you want and your username. One of mine that I LOVE is this one: [Image: Hermione.png]
You like it? I will ask my friend to make anyone an IMG sig for just 500 to 600 Mybuck$ depending on what kind of sig it is...................................... I asked my friend if they would make anyone a sig depending on a certain little thing in it for him...and he said he would! So if you want an awesome IMG sig with your username and or site on it, and or an image of your choice, talk to me and I will tell him.
Come to my site all J.K.Rowling
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wow, that is a nice signature.
[Image: avatar_98.png]

^ Awesome online community!

rogueBATTLE < Fun, Free online RPG!
Yep. You bet it is Wink ! you want my friend to make you an IMG sig? Just put the info you want to give me about your wanted sig like this:
Background color:
Username(optional or forum name):
Special pic(like image execpt it is something you really want on there):
Come to my site all J.K.Rowling
Fans![Image: Hermione-1.png]

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