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Theme question
Hi, I am trying to change my board theme, but don't know how :S. Please help. On the add theme on admin cp this is what it says..

[Image: 2005524308371722399_rs.jpg]
That's the dialog to make your own theme and to choose where it'll be. And I don't think this is the appropriate subforum for your question.

If you want to add an existing theme go to AdminCP->Themes->Import and then choose a theme from Local Filename: combo box and click Import theme. That's the way you can add all the existing themes and check them out.

And if you want to make your own theme, I suggest that you first make your own template, base it on a template of a installed theme that you like and than make your own theme and base it on that template.
If you do it this way, you can change the theme and the template any way you like and it'll effect only that theme and that template (if you do something wrong it won't effect any other theme). But, if you only create your theme and not the template to base it on, you must choose an existing template and if you change that template it'll effect all themes using that template, that's why I don't recommend that.

Hope it helps Smile
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ok, thanks very much, its working now Big Grin

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