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Log in Problem
I'm having a hard time logging into my forums. Everytime I logged in, it say I'm being log in but I'm really not. I don't see mu user named.
Go to your admin cp > settings > change > look for cookie settings and make sure they're correct.
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OK I'm experiencing this problem right now! Sad
What are the proper settings ?
Because it's impossible to sign in. When I do it says it'll redirect me, but than takes me to the portal page, and won't even let me see the forums. When I click on a link to a theme (my user sent me the link) I can read it, but the log in part happens all over again. I can logg in into AdminCP no prob, but can't to my forum. What could have happened?? And how to fix it?

Tnx in advance.

EDIT: Problem solved, it really was a thing of making appropriate cookies Smile
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I manga to fixed it.. Thank you for helping...Big Grin

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