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Donating cash mod
how do i donate using the cash mod? if you want you can have all my money on this site if you tell me how to do it.Rolleyes
To be clear, I don't want your money, just want to help.

Now, if you mean how to donate here, on this forum,it goes like this: You find the post of a person you would like to donate MyBuck$ to and at the bottom of their post is [Image: donate.gif] button. Click on it and choose how much money you wold like to give him/her, confirm it and that's it!

If you're asking about this feature on your own forum.

You have to Activate "Cash/Bank/Points Mod" plug-in in AdminCP->Plugin Manager. Then go to AdminCP->Change->CashMod
and create your settings. I would recommend that you first make all the changes (how much of currency will a user get for posting, for polls, for .....) and then put the first optron to YES. To emphasize, do not make any changes in "Last time of interest rate"!! It says so in the plugin and it's not a good idea to change it Wink
And than you/anyone else on your orum, can donate forum money to whoever they want.

Hope it helps.
In a world without fences and walls - WHO NEEDS windows and gates?
lol wow i feel stupid thanks for the quick awnser!
lolz Never feel stupid for asking help! I learnt it a lonf time ago. It's easyer that way.

Glad I could help.
In a world without fences and walls - WHO NEEDS windows and gates?

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