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[Solved] Forum Topic & Reply Post Limits Per Page
I get this error message if my topics or replies go to a second page. I have increased the number allowed on replies and that corrected that one, without slowing down the page for dial-up users, I hope. What can be done about preserving the oldest forum topic posts? Banner in signature will take you to forum.

Quote:mySQL error: 1064
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '-5, 10' at line 1
Query: SELECT s.*, s.username AS shoutusername, u.username, u.usergroup, u.displaygroup FROM jesustalks_shouts s LEFT JOIN jesustalks_users u ON (u.uid=s.uid) ORDER BY dateline LIMIT -5, 10

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[Image: sesampraise.gif]
It looks like this is a problem with the shoutbox plugin that you have installed. Could you please disable the shoutbox plugin and see if that fixes it?
Brilliant! That is what the error was. I'll live without a shoutbox. Thanks.
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[Image: sesampraise.gif]
You're welcome! Smile I'll mark this as solved.

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