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adding strike BBCODE [tutorial]
[Image: strike1uh.jpg] <-- please refer to that picture

what is strike BBCODE?
ex. strike

how to?
  • once you have the button image ( in w/c I poorly made Toungue
    upload it
  • go to your acp>templates>modify/delete
  • look for the codebuttons and edit it
  • paste/insert the code somewhere where it fits and where you
    <img name="s" src="url of teh strike image button" onclick="insertCode('s')" class="toolbar_normal" onMouseOver="toolbarHover('s')" onMouseOut="toolbarUnHover('s')" onMouseDown="toolbarMouseDown('s')" alt="$lang->alt_strike">

I hope you like the small tutorial and Belloman could make
us better image ToungueBig Grin

I was looking for this a while back and came to the conclusion that it does not exist in BB Code. Ended up doing what was described above and used an image instead.

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