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[Solved] Another Admin locked out..
Could you still private message it to me anyway? Smile
yes, just give me a second I don't type very fast!Toungue
No, I did receive a warning (about someone trying to get into my admin account).

I got a second one as I tried to get into it again (just a few moments ago).
I was able to login using the same password I gave you!

I tried the front page instead of that little panel I,d reached (at o.../admin/).

It says welcome O.Fan and there's the little cp sign and Admin cp

I'm inside the Admin cp panel..
I can do everything, post too.

I haven't really tried 'everything' but the normal stuff works normaly... Big Grin

Thanks, you did a great job!
And it works with IE too.

Thanks again!
Great, you're welcome!

Closed & marked as solved.

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