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[Solved] Another Admin locked out..

I've tried reading the forums to get an answer but it seems that the case I read about (4 administrators who couldn't log in as administrators) was or might be solved by the Admin here doing something to re-instate them. Nothing we could solve ourselves (it seemed).

I'm in a similar situation.

In my case, I just began creating this board (2 days ago?), used the email I received to go to my Admin account, started changing a few things (set up 2 forums, installed dozens of smilies, but no major or 'suspect' tampering), and when I tried to post something I couldn't even do it.

It told me that I was either not logged in/registered, etc.

And then I realized for the first time that near the top left of the front page, it always said 'welcome guest'.
Not even logged in at all.

Despite the fact that every time I used an updated password, it would say I had logged on successfully, and then when the front page appeared, it said 'welcome guest".

I must have skipped something in activating my account, pushed a wrong button or there's a bug.. first time I had a problem like this. But really, I doubt I did anything wrong at the outset.

I tried, several times, getting a new password. And I used the link from my original e-mail to get to the Admin panel. It worked the first times but it got to the point where it wouldn't even get me to the panel.
It said I was either not logged in or a valid administrator, or something like that.

That must be a security setting I guess. After trying to access the Admin account, in the last attempts, I'd get e-mails that someone had tried to log in my administrator account.

Sorry, that's pretty long. But just in case all these details might be useful.

My forum is at

Thanks for any help!
Could you please try clearing your cookies first.

Then, log into your Admin CP at the URL in the email (I believe it's in the email... if not, just append /admin/ to your forum URL) and then change your Cookie Settings (Admin CP -> Board Settings -> Change -> General Configuration) to this:

Cookie Domain:
Cookie Path: /
Hi Justin,

Thanks for helping me out.

I've tried deleting cookies before and I did it now and it still doesn't work.
I deleted them just before trying to get to the admin cp (by using the /admin/ after my URL).

I got the same message, that I was not a valid administrator, etc.

So I can't even get to the cp..

Could you try logging in with another browser?
I just tried with firefox - I typed

and I got this:

"Administration Login
You are either not a valid administrator or have not logged in.
Please login below."
O.Fan Wrote:I just tried with firefox - I typed

and I got this:

"Administration Login
You are either not a valid administrator or have not logged in.
Please login below."
And you entered your username and password as well?
No I didn't, I thought it might be the same as usual but I've got the window in front of me I'll try


I used the last updated password I had, and the window asking for the password stays the same and I got an email telling me that someone tried to access my admin panel..

OOPS! sorry, no email about someone trying to gert in cp!
Could you please private message me the login details for your account, if possible? Do NOT post them in this thread, but in a Private Message.
Well it was a new password (I tried several times today, that was the latest), and I copied and pasted it to be sure.

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