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Although there does not exist a plug in feature to adding an arcade, you can still add your very own arcade with up to 400 games.

First you must visit Next register and create your own arcade by customizing the skin, logo, name and the games in it. Next copy the link. Then go to your forum.


Here you find where it says the other codes for Search, Member List, Calendar and Help, then on the top put the following code:

<b> <a href: ""> Arcade </a> </b>

Then click on save.

Visit my forum for an example at

Also I'd love to get any comments or also questions on making this feature.

Congratulations, you now have officially created an arcade.

Visit my Forum:
This is the easiest feature because you can add a arcade on a seperate page.
Visit my Forum:
I've moved this to the documentation.
[Image: sig-destroyer.png]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=90]
my headers arent showing up Sad

calander etc arent there

ive added the arcade, whats wrong?
I don't understand! I was fine up until you said modify/delete because I couldn't find it.

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