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[Solved] custom profile fields
i have several custom profile fields, however noone can type into them. it just doesnt let u...
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What do you mean by "it doesn't let you"?
well whenever I or someone else tries to type in it, nothing goes in the box. it stays empty when you type in it. i dunno if anyone else has this issue.

u might understand better if u registered and tried ti fill in ur profile.
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Please approve my account - Justin_support.
Nevermind - please just delete my account at your forums (Justin_support).

You probably did not fill in the "Maximum Length" for the fields, which then sets it to 0 - meaning people wouldn't be able to fill anything in. So you just need to go through and change all of their maximum lengths to something so it doesn't get set to 0.
i approved your account anyways and thanks for the help.

i dont want to delete ur acount because it adds another member.

thanks again.
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I would prefer that you delete it, but that's your choice.

Since this is solved, I'm closing it.

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