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Introduce Yourself!
The Chosen Wrote:Sounds like me and my best friend. Toungue I expect next time you and Adam have a fight that your account will be banned? Big Grin

Welcome. Smile

Heh, maybe not. Toungue
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Introduction, right? Okay.

My name is Ploy. I live in Thailand, which if you don't know, just think of it as a country in the tropical South East Asia is find, I think. I'm 16 years old, a tenth grade student of Ruamrudee International School. I am interested in especially in Japanese animations and mangas. Because of this interest, I tried to learn another language, Japanese. I will say that I'm not so good at it yet, but that make my fourth language; Thai, English, Chinese and Japanese. I believe I'm still quite young. As for web making, to tell the truth, I struggle a lot since I have really no knowledge of writing scripts, using Macromedia Dreamweaver and the FTP as my tools for webpage making, so don't expect me to be doing any websites seriously. -*-

I like to play around in forums, since only playing in the forum alone gives me plenty of friends who shared something in common with me. Because of that, I want to make my own forums, but of course with difficulty since I know very little about scripts, also for CSS which probably is quite important in making a colorful and beautiful forums. (I found that CSS is needed for forum decoration every forums I used to try, phpBB, IPB and of course myBB. vBulletin is off my limit and SMF forum that I found for free always have limitation. - -")

I at first thought I am going to enter this forum, the support forum, just to ask about language, which I figured out that it's similar to IPB, just used English as the default language and used encoding to make it Thai instead of some strange languages which I can't possibly know how it comeabout. -*- But after a while, the MyBuck thingy interests me a bit. All I know about it is that I used to see something like this in another forum before and it's fun to collect, and it's cool to play around in the forum where there're people from other countries as well, since I can get to know the world better, I hope. So, I change my mind and decide to stay and play around in this web a little bit longer.

(Did I overdo it? Nevermind then - - ) So, nice to meet you all and hope I shall have so fun with you guys. Big Grin
*~Kaizo-Kuni the Land of Piracy~*
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My Forum
I'm TheDigitalFreeway, owner of the server running this community and owner of the hosting business Cool , the business is called The Digital Freeway and we offer free hosting and paid hosting starting at just $10, be sure to check it out! Big Grin Smile Anywho, this is a great community, I look forward to posting here and helping out wherever I can Smile .
Hello. I am Adam (hence the name), and I live in England. Nothing more to say, other then visit my forum!
Oooh Another Adam. Welcome to CreateMyBB. Nice forum, if want it to have its own spotlight you can post a thread about your forum in our showcase forum. Which can be found there >

I edited your link because it was a link to the adminCP log in page, so I changed it so it takes people to the Forum index Smile
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Im Muncey from the UK and i have 2 forums. Only one is here thought. Both are connected through URL so there basically connected.
Hey Muncey. Welcome to CreateMyBB!
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I guess I'll toss mine in here.

My name's Matt, but I go by God of Angels, or Bloodren. I live in Kentucky. I'm a student, in my third year of high school. I'm an amature coder, tho I can edit codes very well to suit my purpose (mostly templates).
Welcome to CreateMyBB Haroon! Smile
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Hello EveryOne!

Name: Meti
Nickname: WatchOut
Age: 14 soon 15..
Location: Sweden
Hobby: Sports, Gamin'
Languages Spoken: English, Swedish And German
My Comments: I'm currently having my forum, that i'm so proud of! If you want to visit it click here


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