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Discuss: New CreateMyBB Website!
Just saw it finalized and it looks delightful. I can only imagine the work and hours this cost you Justin---and team. Kudos!
[Image: ready.gif]
[Image: sesampraise.gif]
Just a quick update that's related to the new theme: The Administrator Control Panel now features a CreateMyBB-themed style as the default. If you'd like to keep the old one, you can go to CP Preferences in your ACP and select the "MyBB" theme.
It's nice Smile

Those top links "Home Create Why? Services Support" seem larger than necessary imho. I'm not blind thanks Smile
[Image: sig.php?mybb]
Very nice indeed!

I would just like to ask: what are the icon packs that you used throughout the homepage?

I know I've seen it before but I cant remember where the icon with the male and female is from (in the Welcome Box).
- Bobby

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