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New CreateMyBB Website!
I am proud to announce the release of the brand new CreateMyBB website! The new website has been in the works for months now, and we finally feel it is ready for all of you to experience! We rebuilt the website from the ground up, with new graphics, a new layout, and an easier-to-use navigation.

Your experience is a key part of the new website. We wanted everything to be organized cleanly and clearly, which helps you find what you are looking for much quicker. Not only is there more information and more details about CreateMyBB than ever before, but we also offer to brand new services to our users: Forum Import and Forum Export. With forum import, you can import your existing MyBB forum to CreateMyBB for free! We make the switch between being hosted by yourself to being hosted by CreateMyBB easy and fast, allowing you to get back up and running even quicker.

Share your comments about the new website with us, along with any errors or problems you might notice, with us in the discussion thread.

The CreateMyBB Team

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