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[Solved] WoOć happened? *shocked*
was there some kind of mybb upgrade taht happened?
because I see taht teh plug-ins are not working though
I checked teh plug-in manager and they are already activated.
I can't see teh shoutbox, thread description and I have to deact
and activate them again... Sad
but oh well if there was an upgrade then it will be for teh
good Big Grin
Oh, I had to modify your templates, because we received notices from Jelsoft about copyright infrigement on your images. Sorry!
[Image: sig-adam.png]
awwwww... Sad
maybe taht's why teh vbulletin version
was never released because of Jelsoft... Toungue
[Image: cryingbaby2lz.jpg] <--lol

who is he btw?
Heh, Jelsoft perhaps? Toungue
[Image: sig-adam.png]
anyway no more green and vbulletin for me right now Toungue
i'll stick with with this one Big Grin
Thanks for understanding. I appreciate it.
[Image: sig-adam.png]
How come my avatar gets connected to your account?
And I uploaded it to my forums only.
I believe we are having some troubles with avatars, I'm not quite sure though.
I'm working on that right now.
[Image: sig-adam.png]

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