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I want you to register at my board & do one post! It has to be a quailty post ofcourse Wink My board is about gaming and is called Pure Gaming! If you complete this task successfully, I will give you 300 Mybuck$ + rep Smile If i dont pay ofcourse you will -REP me. This offer stands until i have no mybuck$ left.

Note: When is done please give at least 24hrs before you -rep me if i dont pay.

Click here to goto my forums!
When I click on the page you provided, it leads me to a Wiki. When I go search the Wiki, I don't find forums. Wrong URL?

[Image: banner.pojr.PNG] [Image: dansigbythaplayfellowxk3.png]
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nah offers closed, sorry about that Smile
ahh man!
If you want mybucks PM me.
[Image: avatar_98.png]

^ Awesome online community!

rogueBATTLE < Fun, Free online RPG!
If the deal is closed, you should delete the writing? Smile this will stop the -rep?

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