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Category:RPG and Dragon Ball Z
Topics:General, Anime, RPG.
Description:Z-Realm is the forum with other Sagas. You can choose your race and must help to defeat the Borelis empire. You encounter gokus son Xavier and Goku himself after his millenia of traveling. Thus New Vegeta is created. Let your strength fly high!

Board Link:Z-Realm Forums

Z-Realms is waiting for a new skin. If a CMYBB Skinner could make a DBZ skin it would be appreciated.
Skin & Layout
The skin is starting to look awesome, The only thing i'd actually change it the color so it can match your banner. The banner is awesome! you have done a good job with that Wink 4/5

Users & Posts
This is the part where i'd say you need to improve on.. 2 Members & 9 Posts. Try inviting all your friends and adding your forum to directorys. The more members you get the more posts you are likely to get! Smile 1/5

You have a wide range of forums which I thought was great! Although I dont quite understand what Graphics has to do with RPG & Dragonball Z. 5/5

Overall: 10/15

And last of all, Good luck with your boards Wink

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