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New CreateMyBB Website
Today we are proud to announce the completion of the new CreateMyBB website. The new website provides us with an easier way to update the design quickly and easily, as well as the navigation. The rebuilt site is powered by a custom made template system created by Tikitiki, originally for another site, but now being put into use here to keep everything organized and neat, which is the way we like it.

In addition to the new layout, we have added some new pages and sections to the site. These include the "Resources" section, linking you to all of the great resources for CreateMyBB, and the "Contests" section, including the new Weekly Drawings, where every week, someone wins.

I also wish to thank all of those who are currently using CreateMyBB as their forum host, as well as those who are continuously signing up for their very own remotely-hosted MyBB forum.

Please discuss this announcement, as well as ask questions, point out problems, or make suggestions to the new website in the discussion thread, which can be found here.

Thank you,
CreateMyBB Staff

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