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135 Smilies Added!
To give you a better experience with CreateMyBB, 135 smilies have been uploaded for you to use!

Q. How do I add them onto my forum?

  1. Login to your Admin CP. (
  2. Navigate to the block labeled "Message Filters", and then the menu item labeled "Smilie Manager".
  3. Inside the Smilie Manager, at the top right, you'll see two buttons. Click "Add Multiple Smilies".
  4. To navigate to the correct smilie directory, don't change any of the settings, just click "Browse For Smilies".
  5. Inside that, click the checkbox beside the smilies you would like to have on your forum, and then click "Add Multiple Smilies".
The discussion thread for this announcement can be found here.

Thank you,
CreateMyBB Staff
[Image: sig-adam.png]

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