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Wow, guess you learn something new every day!
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Hey tikitiki impliment the shout box into my forum 2 its register and i will give u rites
wat is hout box wat r u talking abt someone tell me
wat is hout box wat r u talking abt someone tell me
Adam Wrote:Well, that's the only shoutbox modification there is at the moment. I know of a chat room that is supposed to be released soon, and that will be uploaded here as well.

excuse me but I have trouble understanding some thing,
As I scroll our index page @
I see 3 shout boxes!

I also have trouble with it refreshing in the middle of my reply,
that is a real bummer!
How can I get some feed back on this?

about that chat room .
I have been trying to find the way to add what ever needs to be added to open ours
I think I managed this today thru Opera' browser's IRC client}

themeetingplace {undernet north america

Port # 6667

if you will help me I'd appreciate it.
So why does turning on shoutbox integration into the main site add shoutboxes? Ex: I activate it. 2 shoutboxs appear on main page. I deactivate. No shoutbox. But when I activate that plugin again, 4 shoutboxes appear is. So I turned it off again.
Remove the other 3 $shoutbox variables from the index template.
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