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Smilie Requests

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.zip   oki spearos (Size: 78.54 KB / Downloads: 4)
Are you still doing these? If so could you please upload the attached files to...

thanks alot. Smile

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.zip (Size: 88.23 KB / Downloads: 3)
.zip (Size: 82.52 KB / Downloads: 3)
bump bump bump
Hello gentelmen...I need this smille package uploaded on my forum ...
Thx in advance...I am waiting...Wink

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.zip   Smiles (Size: 302.4 KB / Downloads: 3)
[Image: dahakaadminsig.png]
Looking for Symbian Stuff? Just visit my forum.Up2Date stuff.CLICK HERE And not can also find PC and PSP stuff.
would it be possible to sort out me a general selection of smilies to use on my forum . Sorry aint got a clue how to zip up a file or even where to get smilies from

my forum :

thanks in advance

that or an idiots information sheet on how to do it the right way
does anyone ever answer these posts ?
Could you please upload this smilie package for me too ? We have a great forum but smilies are missing Sad

Id really really appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance.

The zip is attached.


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.zip (Size: 170.46 KB / Downloads: 4)
hello ....

could you up load the smilie file to my forum please

my forum is

.zip (Size: 170.46 KB / Downloads: 2)


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