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REQ. A Theme! Add It Please As Soon As Possible!

Can You Guys Add This Theme As Fast As Possible??

I Really Like It, And Would Appreciate If You Could Add It ASAP..

Please Help Me!


[Image: bcbbag4.jpg]
*bump* when will you add this theme, guys?? i posted this 5days ago.. i'm really looking forward to have this theme, please add it !!
[Image: bcbbag4.jpg]
Umm.. I think you download it yourself and go to 'Import Theme' in the Admin CP.
Doesn't Work I Think!
[Image: bcbbag4.jpg]
Please be patient! Patience is key at a place like this. I will add it later today if I have the time to. None of us have all day to do things like this; we all have a real life to manage in addition to CreateMyBB, so please be patient until we do add it.

- Belloman
The forums will be upgraded to 1.2 in a while.. you can't use this theme anymore then.
[Image: sig-destroyer.png]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=90]
ok well it's ok .. i found a good theme :p foundation theme rocks Big Grin i'll change the logo later gotta do it Wink
[Image: bcbbag4.jpg]
I'll be closing this thread, then. If you still need the theme, WatchOut (and WatchOut only), please PM me. Thanks.

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