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Domain Help!

I've bought an .org domain, which is . But the problem is i can't just tell 'em to redirect to my site. How can i get it redirected to .
HI, well...i use an dns, my adress: (forum closed)
but have much other choices, example:
visit this website:

register in free service, make a dns adress (no a ip dns, u need a url dns!)and downlaod the software.
ya well i've already ordered a .org domain ..... i want my .org domain not no-ip
ah ok, hmmm sorry but i dont use org domains...i know other redirects websites but org i dont know.
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np, it's okay, i only need an admin here
Currently you cannot add your own domains to your forums, but we are thinking about possibly doing it in the future. You could have the domain redirect to your subdomain here until we create such a feature.
so that means i won't be able to use my .org domain??
Not currently, no. But like I said, you could have it redirect (can't you? I don't know much about domains).
Seems like i can't Belloman
You can do web forwarding depending on your domain register.
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