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ToS Clarification

I have a lot of friends, including myself, that write on rpg forums. After the closing of Icyboards several years back most folks went back to Jcink or simply stopped administrating/owning their own rpg forums. I've attempted to counteract this by offering free hosting from my reseller account but I have a limited number of accounts I can create and most of these folks don't even want access to cPanel or anything along those lines, they just want something like Icyboards.

I just stumbled across this place and it feels the same as Icyboards which is superb and wonderful but I can't believe I am just now finding out about it.

However, before I start sending folks here I'm looking for a bit more clarification on your ToS adult content. Some of these rp's tend to allow 'spicier' content (think along the lines of erotica books) but only in written context (absolutely NO pornography). Is this against CreateMyBB terms of service? The particular quote from the ToS page makes me think the reference to adult content is linked towards photographic visuals and not exactly story material?
Quote:upload, post, email, transmit, link to, or otherwise make available any pornography, nudity, or other "adult" content;

Jcink allows this with a premium subscription that users have to pay for but if they're going the route of paying $9(?) a month plus possibly a custom domain they might as well host their own MyBB forum. To counter this I created the Content Restricted (Age Verification) plugin for my hostee's and then later released it to the public. Not sure if this is something you would consider installing IF the above is not against CreateMyBB's terms of service.

Taylor (c.widow)
Icyboards, I hoped they would sell but that didn't happen. Adult roleplay can be ok, just depends how graphic. I am not sure If I censor words here. On my createaforum service I do. Adult content images I require adfree plan.
Please don't PM me for support. Try to post a topic allows other people to learn.
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Some can get pretty detailed like adult books however none ever make use of imagery. Its all just written stories.

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