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Spam attack & negative reputation given
Hey, someone joined my forum (now banned) and posted spam, then gave me negative reputation, twice. I'm an admin, but I can't seem to fix the reputation back up. Also, is there a plugin that tells you the name of who's given you reputation, because it didn't display the username, only:

'comment given: "your a meany"' - the spammer.

Thanks again.
The reputation system was completely remade in MyBB 1.2, which is getting close to being released. The new system shows who posted it, and allows administrators to delete reputation that was given. The new system also isn't post based, and users can only give you reputation once.

The only way to see who gave the plugin is by going into the database, which on Jon can do. Smile And may I note that it is a pain to go into a database with thousands of tables Wink
I'm sure I can live with negative rep until 1.2 comes out. Toungue

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