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mySQL error: 1054

There is an mySQL error: 1054 on Admin Control Panel ---> Administrator Permissions

this is what comes up

mySQL error: 1054
Unknown column 'u.uid' in 'on clause'
Query: SELECT u.uid, u.username, u.lastactive, g.cancp, a.permsset FROM saproductions_users u, saproductions_usergroups g LEFT JOIN saproductions_adminoptions a ON (a.uid=u.uid) WHERE u.usergroup=g.gid AND g.cancp='yes' ORDER BY u.username ASC

Any help would be great thanks

The forums is:
Fixed. I think that was a mybb bug with MySQL 5.

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Thanks also on that forum im ment to be a co-admin but i can't seem to set admin permissions for myself not even the admin (shaunallsop) too it just has shaunallsop there but it should be shaunallsop & Jag100 on that list

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