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Parking my domain, adding my ssl, etc...
My apologies but I can't seem to find this info even when searching.  I have a domain name that has SSL in its plan and I want to bring all that over here.   I just need to know where the actual physical instructions are for what to do (and where to do them) on the createmybb side of things to get the URL working and the SSL going?
Update (disregard first question!):  I found the domain link in the admin panel and entered my intended URL, and took the nameservers it said, but over at the domain site they're telling me it won't go thru...

They're saying:
"Per my check, the domain name is not registered at all so it won't be possible to use these nameservers.
Could you please double check the correct spelling of nameservers whit hosting provider?"

And these are the two I am using:,

Edit:   Another update:  It turns out the domains in the admin panel have a typo in them, just fyi:
Quote:Step 1:
You will need point your domain to our nameservers as follows

Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:
Thanks fix the typo must have been tired.

SSL is a yearly fee for setup or if cloudflare is free.
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