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My forum is

I have received the following e-mail from Tapatalk. It seems genuine.

Hi terryr999_eJLOkp,

We noticed that there is a minor issue with the Tapatalk setup in your site that prevents the app from working optimally.
Issues were caused by
          Plugin expired (or too old)
Download Updated Plugin:
Need Help?
Submit a support ticket by logging into your Tapatalk Console. The "Submit A Support Ticket" button is located on the bottom page of the Dashboard tab.
Pls. ensure you update your plug-in before submitting a ticket. In most cases, the update will solve your technical issue.
When submitting a ticket, attaching screenshots will help us to better assist you.
Tapatalk Team

Is this something I can deal with or do you have to do it? If it's me, what should I do? Delete the plugin and reinstall?

Have upgraded tapatalk now.
Please don't PM me for support. Try to post a topic allows other people to learn.
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