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MPC (Mario Paint Composer) chat thread
My name is Jason and I am using Windows 10

You can look up online such as Google Search Engine what this post in this thread does mention.

You can do a Hypercam 2.0 video if you want to prove any that I need to download safe to download by showing it being downloaded and then scanned in a YouTube video and if you make such a video mention its name and your username in this thread such as Mario Paint Composer Windows 10 Needs CharlesYouTuber827.

I looked up on Google Search Engine "download mario paint composer" and I downloaded the .zip file and extracted it and I double clicked on Mario Paint Composer and I got these error messages:

Director Player Error

Unable to load movie playlist. Does the .INI file exist? It must contain a section '[Movies]' with an entry 'Movie01=Pathname.dir'.

Director Player Error

This projector is stopping.

Application Error

This application cannot run.

How do I get MPC (Mario Paint Composer) to work properly on my Windows 10 please? Thank you.

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