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My name is Jason. How do I change maximum upload, permitted files to upload etc.?
Thank you and also N. Usa stands for North United States of America and also & stands for and.

My name is Jason & I am from N. Usa & I live in N. Usa & I was born in N. Usa

Also is my message board link and I am currently using free account though that can change later on though.
NAm stands for North America

& stands for and

My name is Jason & I was born in NAm & I live in NAm & I am from NAm
https://amazingstuffishere.createmybb4.c...n=register is where to register an account on my message board if you want Wink
Attachments are currently limited to 1MB but we allow unlimited attachments currently.

The following file types are allowed zip,jpeg,gif,png,psd,txt,tar,gzip,bmp,pdf,docx,xlsx
Please don't PM me for support. Try to post a topic allows other people to learn.
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I think he is trying multiple ways to spam the support forum with his forum. Just saying...
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