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first of all I wanna say hello to the
people of createmybb Big Grin You have a great service
and provide decent URL to our free forums Big Grin
I am really very impressed with the development
of this mybb software. I hope the developers
will release something that really looks like
vbulletin but I'm already happy and satisfied with
mybb because it's a great software and best it's free Big Grin

Site Title: Chaos Warp
Description: Online Community... Probably the greatest forum
*in the future Toungue*... replacing GAIA in the future lol *runs away in the forest*
Forum URL:

Wow, it looks really nice! Even if you want a shorter URL, works too!
[Image: sig-adam.png]
Adam Wrote:Wow, it looks really nice! Even if you want a shorter URL, works too!

thank you Adam and i'll update the forum link
with that short one in my hompage Big Grin

I got a new redirection for my
homepage -->

and oh btw I think this thread requires attention Toungue

Yes, I've addressed this issue.
[Image: sig-adam.png]
and I just to let everyone know that I
finished creating my chaoswarp (part 2) forum
and the link again is
please review the new look

Adam Wrote:Yes, I've addressed this issue.

thank you Big Grin Big GrinBig Grin

You're welcome. Big Grin
[Image: sig-adam.png]
ok this time no more green no more purple
ok just a little purple because people hates
green and purple together Toungue bah, what I'm trying
to say is taht my site is back again with new look
after a series of changes Big Grin yey!


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