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SQL Error from Editing User Groups
I have been a bit inactive on my forum for awhile, so I log in and notice some of my pictures that were hosted on Photobucket were no longer usable. No biggie, I go to the user groups to try and change the icon with the image hosted elsewhere, and when I click save, I get this error:

Quote:1054 - Unknown column 'commentsperday' in 'field list'

I did a quick Google search, and according to this thread:, it's possible that it's from the Myprofile plugin. So I try to deactive and uninstall it, but it won't let me do that either, and spits out this error:

Quote:Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'MyProfileCommentsMyAlertsFormatter' not found in C:\sites\createmybb4\inc\plugins\myprofile\myprofilecomments.class.php:962 Stack trace: #0 C:\sites\createmybb4\inc\plugins\myprofile.php(165): MyProfileComments->deactivate() #1 C:\sites\createmybb4\inc\plugins\myprofile.php(151): myprofile_bundles_propagate_call('deactivate') #2 C:\sites\createmybb4\admin\modules\config\plugins.php(451): myprofile_deactivate() #3 C:\sites\createmybb4\admin\index.php(816): require('C:\\sites\\create...') #4 {main} thrown in C:\sites\createmybb4\inc\plugins\myprofile\myprofilecomments.class.php on line 962

Looks like this is out of my control.

My forum is:
Have you tried with the MyAlerts plugin deactivated? I just performed the actions you were attempting on a test forum with only the MyProfile plugin activated and everything worked fine there.
Looks like disabling MyAlters worked. Thanks!

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