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Avatar/smilie size
Sorry if this has been posted before, I had a look through and couldn't find it anywhere. I can't seem to find the place where I would change the settings for the avatar and smilie sizes. In all honesty, I'm fairly computer-illiterate, and would love it explained in simple terms to me, please! Thank you!
okay, for smilie you must request smilie pack, but for avatar size/settings go to:
admin cp----->board settings----->change----->User Registration and Profile Options----->modify, go----->

Maximum Avatar Dimensions
Max Uploaded Avatar Size
Avatar Directory
Avatar Upload Path
[Image: dmannw5.gif]
I'd like to add that the "Avatar Directory" and the "Avatar Upload Path" along with other paths are overridden by our slightly modified avatar system so that they get uploaded to a folder with your name.

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