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Bulk Subscribing By User Groups
I created a forum for club communications.  There is a public facing section and then there is a private section that can only be viewed by members when they are logged in.  I would like the club members to automatically be subscribed to the 17 private member forums so that they receive email notifications when new posts are made.  I am having a difficult time getting them to log into the forum for the first time as they are resistant about moving away from email communication which is a mess to manage, so I need a solution to get them started.  I created all of them as users with temporary passwords.  Other than manually logging into each user account and subscribing to each forum for them, is there a way to do this in bulk and at the Admin level?  Thank you for the assistance!
There does not seem to be an option for that.
In the users profile I see an option to subscribe to threads but not on a forum level.
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