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Buddy list off screen
My board is

When you open the buddy list from the forum display page, it seems to be off the right side of the window. The 1/4 of the close X is just visible at the top right of the screen. I found an old thread about this issue which mentions adding the modal block to global.css but my global.css already has this block.
Brittany Bikers -
Are you using the default theme? Any recent changes?

The buddy list works fine on my forum using the default theme.
I use the default theme. I have my own template set which is mostly a copy of the default set. All of the templates used in the buddy list (header_welcomeblock_member_buddy and misc_buddypopup) are identical to the ones in the default set. There haven't been any recent changes but I don't know how long this has been going on as I don't personally use the buddy list. Somebody reported it to me.
Brittany Bikers -
Maybe a plugin issue? Have you tried deactivating any plugins you have?

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