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Admin Control Panel
Cleared bot cache and cookies, and still the three logins, popup, instead of the Admin Control Panel.
Cookies and Cache may not be the problem.
Could you try using a different browser?
Yes, the Admin Control Panel Pop-up.
The Browser needed to be changed.
A different Browser, other than Comcast.

Ok, the Admin Control Panel Pop-Up,cool, but will this effect the members at the Forum, login-ing on the Forum, and other stuff. Will the members need to use a browser other than Comcast.
Have you had any problems logging into the forum itself? If you haven't (which from what you say, you didn't), then it shouldn't affect members at all...
I'm having the same problem too, and I really don't understand. my forum is
Hmm. can you login to your forum Danny_Charmede_One? And make a normal post?

I am checking out this problem.
Please don't PM me for support. Try to post a topic allows other people to learn.
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