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Authorization code mismatch
I need help

when i try to login, it sends this message

how to fix it? 

[Image: 0Fjk57K.png]
See this thread:
I tried this but didn't work or maybe i did something wrong. is not any video tutorial?
All you should need to do is add the following code after the "form" line in each of the following templates.

  • error_nopermission
  • header_welcomeblock_guest
  • member_login
  • portal_welcome_guesttext
Code to add:

<input name="my_post_key" type="hidden" value="{$mybb->post_code}" />
omg thats worked now, thank you so much Smile

but i got new problem

[Image: 73qCCkJ.png]
it's removed from theme and also reply box is removed, is there any chance to add this again?
I tried to change it from Editor Style but didn't work, also i tried disable and enable from settings but nothing, another way to fix it?
Check your account settings under users and groups in the admin CP. Seems that adjusting the time settings in the user CP resets a users account settings for some reason.
Fixed thank you so much again Smile
how to fix font colors? I mean when I'm making thread and when i want to change font color, it doesn't change. for example: if i choose red color for font it changes to white, all colors are white. i hope you understand what i want to say, how can i fix it?
Possibly a theme issue. Check to see if the same thing happens when using the default theme.
Yes it's working on default theme, is there any chance to fix it on current theme?

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