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Accessing e-mail from a Page Manager page
My forum is 

On my Page Manager Events page, I would like to add the capability to e-mail a subset of users when a new event is added. I would only want to e-mail those users that have indicated they want to receive these e-mails (possibly by an additional profile field or a sign-up button on the events page itself). I could shell out to the user's (the user creating the event) own e-mail program (using mailto) but I would prefer it to be a bit more transparent than that and not rely on the user to actually click send on their own e-mail. I would also prefer it if the e-mail came from the board and not from an individual user. 

Is it possible to access the board's e-mail system in any way from a Page Manager page? I notice that the board pages that do send e-mails have a hidden page key field so I guess it wouldn't work without this key.
It would have to be custom built.
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Yes, but on your side (which I assume won't happen) or on my side (which might)?

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