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Issue with another admin on my site

Possibly a slight issue with

There are two admins - myself ("alan sh" on the site) and one other ("Red V four"). Whe a new member registers, we require an admin to authorise him/her. I have set it up (I think) so that both of us should receive emails and a notification of new users when we log onto the board.

I get the email, but Red V Four does not. Red doesn't get emails about PM's either. When either of us logs on we DO get the banners across the top notifying that we have a new PM and that there is a new user waiting to be activated.

I can activate them OK, but Red V Four gets a message saying he doesn't have the correct permissions.

Can you help? What have I forgotten to do or is there some underlying issue with having multiple admins?

Thanks for looking

Admin CP
Users & Groups
Admin Permissions (on the left menu)
Click on your other admin
Users & Groups (the second one, lower on the page, not the one at the top)
Can manage awaiting activation? - set to yes
Click Update Permissions
Super stuff. I never knew that lot existed.


OK - the other admin can now activate new users. But it seems that only I get the email saying there is someone waiting to be activated.

So, how do we get the email going to more than one person? I have separated the two email addresses with a comma - is that correct or should it be something else? I have doe it in configuration -> Site details -> Admin Email. Is that the correct place?

Thanks for any help

Admin CP > Configuration (scroll to bottom of page for plugin settings) > Email admin on registration > enter both email addresses separated with a comma in the box labelled "Notification Email Address" > Save settings.
OK. Thanks.

When I looked that option wasn't there - until I deactivated and reactivated the plugin.

You're welcome.

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