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Twitter Plugin
Cool  Hello, there is a forum website i have found called and I like how every post made on there, is instantly tweeted out on there twitter... I have found the exact plugin, I think... I would like this addon/plugin to be added please, so that every post made on my forum will be tweeted out on my twitter! I have attached it to this thread.... It is called Twitter Connect....

By Shade
A plugin to integrate Twitter with MyBB, letting users login and register through Twitter.
MyBB Versions: 1.8x
Version: 2.1
Build #1 Stable
Bug Tracking: Open

Change log;
The first build has no changes.


The official documentation can be found hereIt includes instructions on how to install and configure properly the plugin.

Other plugin/addons made by him: - Minecraft Connect - MyTwitter Connect - MyGoogle+ Connect
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(06-23-2018, 12:23 PM)Jon Wrote: Done

Thank you soo much for adding the addon/plugin, I didnt mean to PM you in they way you didnt want me too... I didnt know, but this will help me out alot!

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