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Army (by chiefsaab)
Install Instructions: All you have to do is download the attatched file (in "Download") and unzip the file. Then you need to use the "Import" function in the "Themes" section of the "Admin CP"


[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1264] [Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1265] [Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1266]

License/Use of Skin: When downloading and then importing this skin for use on your forums, you agree to abide by this license whilst using the skin. Both the MyBB copyright and the theme creator's copyright may not be removed at ANY TIME. If it is found to be removed on your forum, we will ask you to (a) remove the skin or (b) add the missing copyrights.


* This is similar but not exactly how it will appear on your CreateMyBB forum.
Everytime I try to download it it takes me to the main page, is there any other way to download it?
IsaacWitte Wrote:Everytime I try to download it it takes me to the main page, is there any other way to download it?

The download seems to work fine for me.
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Just fixed xD. Forgot to transfer those over.

Please don't PM me for support. Try to post a topic allows other people to learn.
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yup. IsaacWhite is a friend of mine who has never managed a forum and is looking to make a forum for a guild of his in World of Warcraft I believe. I showed him how to get the theme into his forum and everything was working fine so I don't know why he wanted to download this again.
wooks awsome for me thanks alot Big Grin
please someone help me i cant find the 'import' section can anyone PM me on how to do it thanks

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