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Plugin/Mod questions
Is there a plugin or something that notifes a user when their post has been moderated, such as closed, moved, deleted, stuck/unstuck etc. that will send the user an Auto-PM about it?

For Example, it sends them a PM like this when you move a thread.
Quote:Hello (username),

The following thread that you created has been moved

================================================== ===================================
Thread: Test
Original Forum: Forum Trash
New Forum: General Discussion
================================================== ===================================

If you have any questions, you can ask an administrator for assistance.

(Your site name here)

Also, is there another type of plugin that can soft delete a post? So the user can delete it, but it soft deletes it instead of completely removing it and the staff can still see it but the user thinks it's completely gone??

Also, can you guys install a Moved redirect mod? So when a moderator moves a thread, they can set a time frame of how long they want it to stay there with a thread prefix saying Moved:?

If you can install those or let me know what's up, that would be very awesome. This is the site

Thanks for your time in advance. Smile

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