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How Did You Hear About CreateMyBB?
Use to use InvisionFree but found this off a sig in another forum ( since you ask Toungue) and have been very pleased with the results so far, fantastic work guys!
I was browsing Wikipedia for a good forum software, and found MyBB, and there was a link that leaad to here Smile.

[Image: banner.pojr.PNG] [Image: dansigbythaplayfellowxk3.png]
Want a FREE domain for your CreateMyBB forum? Go to D4free!
After using aceboard for a little while I joined The admin zone.

Then I saw myBB and then decided to use createmybb.
Visit my Forum:
I found when i was searching for a free Forum Host. and i found and i dont like to install my own forums on a database and stuff. so i did a google search for Free Mybb Forum Hosting. And it came up with so here i am now. Smile
I found you through Google 2 days ago. I was looking for free forum hosting and found you, liked the features and signed up!

I still haven't tested all there is to try, but I'm at it. I'm liking it very much so far. Thumbs up!
In a world without fences and walls - WHO NEEDS windows and gates?
I found it though google and I am VERY proud I did Big Grin
The one and only best forum after icyboard shutdown.

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