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How Did You Hear About CreateMyBB?
I found it on a Google ad on InvisionFree. I followed it, created a forum to find out about the features, and found it to be really good.

My friend and I moved her forum over here, and I must say, we are incredibly satisfied with it. Big Grin
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Well, I Found CreateMyBB through Big Grin Fast Way, I'm lucky i found this host Wink
WatchOut Wrote:Well, I Found CreateMyBB throught Big Grin Fast Way, I'm lucky i found this host Wink
May I ask what you searched for, if you remember. Just curious Smile
i think i searched for "Free MyBB Forum" then i saw many sites connected to so i decided to join Wink
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I found it by another MyBB forum. It's pretty good, if I do say so myself. I'd recommend it to anyone who needs a free MyBB site.
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Just found createmybb from a google search.
I believe I went to Hot Scripts or perhaps a finding of the latest remotely hosted message board tools. I searched for the feature RRS feed. I am not sure you were explicit on that, but I discovered this was a new mod you offered. I am amazed at how quickly I was able to build my site due to concise instruction. I just set it up beginning three days ago. Thank you!

BTW, I did find it on and added a 5 (rating tops) vote. It appears others have voted and it had about a 4.72 rate which is really good. I have not down a review yet. Waiting and watching for mods I am not sure are functional, but you do get a thumbs up from me!
Well, as usual, I started my day with a Google search. I decided to try to find a better forums system then IPBFree, and I stumbled upon MyBB (I think I went and took a look on Wikipedia). Then I tried to find a free MyBB forums host, and...
I found it because i couldn't find a host which would host a mybb forum, and a friend recoomended me here.

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