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How Did You Hear About CreateMyBB?
Simple question for the users of CreateMyBB. How did you hear about us?
And what made you choose CreateMyBB?

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I'm moving this to the Feedback and Discussion forum, as well as making it a sticky.

As for finding CreateMyBB... I read Adam's post about what happened to him at MyBBFree, and he was asking for anyone who could possibly help to PM him, so I did saying what I could do, and he told me to create a website, which I did, and theme the forums of course, which I also did. I'm the 3rd member here, I believe, so I've been with CreateMyBB since the beginning Toungue And that's how I found CreateMyBB... I didn't really choose CreateMyBB, because I don't really use it other than at my test forums... but I use it at these support forums, does that count? Wink
I did contemplate putting it in here. But then I opposed my own decision Sad

What happened with MyBBFree?
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I found this nice community through Render when we decided to join forces Smile , as for what happened with MyBBFree, I'm not sure but when I googled MyBBFree this came up:
This is the one:

Back on topic, please Wink
I don't exactly remember, except Adam asked me to look at a few things I think Toungue
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I heard about CreateMyBB on
I found out about MYBB on another MYBB board along time ago and im glad now that i did i love MYBB alot
Good job
I found Createmybb because I got tired of not enough features in the previous forum host I was using, which was takeforum, so I did a Yahoo search and I came up with this website.
[Image: Allen1288_Logo.jpg]

I saw a link in Adam (I think that's who it was)'s signature in the for of an image at I heard about MyBB from and I really liked the software, and I went to the main site, found this... and fell in love! Big Grin

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