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Ring tone only children can hear:

I downloaded the file and I couldn't hear it. I don't know if it is a hoax though.
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I couldn't hear it either.. >_>
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I got someone else in my faimly to listen to it,(she is 15) and she said she could hear it.
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Yeah it is called Teen Buzz, it is used in shopping centres to repel teens causing trouble because only they can hear it and it goes through them but adults can't hear it so they are unaffected now teens have adopted it as a ringtone. Apparently people under 22 should hear it quite clearly.
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That's pretty cool. I am not sure if I would be able to hear it. Awesome for school if it works. I wonder who came up wit that.
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That is pretty cool, I would use it.
Red Wrote:That is pretty cool, I would use it.

Same here!
I would use it, but it doesn't play on the commercials anymore. Does it work?
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It doesnt work, My dad can hear it and his 39.
Of course I can hear it tho, I'm only 12.
I could hear it, but it hurts my ears. My older sis could just about hear it.
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