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[Solved] Error When Signing up for CreateMyBB Forum Hosting
destroyer Wrote:Or he could hack the forum. Toungue

Shhhh don't give him ideas. Wink Toungue
[Image: sig-the-chosen.png]
lol, now what good would hacking this forum do me? it'd be a rather pathetic hack in this first place because there'd be no skill involved in gaining access to the db...and then I'd just end up backstabbing my friends who are helping me with my there's really no need for me to hack the forum...and even if there was, I wouldn't do it, it's a great community and it's run by some great people...I'd hate to see the community defaced or destroyed in any way Smile
Thats good to know. Have 1 mybuck. Cool

Don't spend it all at once! Toungue
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lol, btw where is the store to purchase enhancements with the MyBucks? Toungue
Here >
Although very little to buy at the moment. Rolleyes

This guy is selling avatars...apparently. I don't see any of this work however.
[Image: sig-the-chosen.png]
LMAO! Thats a first. Your own hosts hacks your site LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
I can see it happening.
[Image: wsor6xz.png]
Solved? Closed.

If you need further help, please create a new thread. Thanks.

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