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So what comes next? Where have I been all week? Your questions answered!

So everyone may have noticed that almost immediately after the last video went out, I vanished and have not updated what comes out next. The reason for this is I may have had to go through, slightly, sort of, major surgery. (This was the event I was alluding to in my last vlog). It was one I had been putting off for a long time...okay years and finally had to cave in to but the good news is it looks like I will live! The bad news is your all stuck with me HA! (Okay so there really wasn't a threat of death but for all you knew this was being typed up by one of my clones )

So how does this affect videos? I am going to put the Retro Check on hold for awhile (Which for those who have not watched the most recent episode yet, the next one will be Perfect Dark for N64), and will be focusing on FFX-2 videos (Prepare for A LOT of fan service in the next one....I mean a lot of it.....).

I will not likely be announcing releases and instead will be releasing them sort of on a as I finish basis for the time being though I will try to still get them out every couple of weeks and will be aiming at weekend releases.

I will be putting out a vlog in the next couple of days to talk about some recent releases and upcoming games you should be looking out for so seeya all soon.


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