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Official MyBB Wiki
The Official MyBB Wiki is filled with several great guides and articles on how to use your MyBB board. Because CreateMyBB gives you all features that MyBB by default has, the MyBB Wiki is a wonderful source for valid information.

Check it out for yourself at

CreateMyBB Staff
I've just registered here, and i've already browsed the, but i have questions:

How do i set up a list of registered users? I want my first forum to be open to registered users, closed to guests.

I see how to add individual users. How about a large list of users, at once?

Maybe the best way (short of knowing the best way) is to
  1. initially allow anyone to register the sub-forum (which is actually a forum)
  2. invite everyone in my long list of potential users to register
  3. wait
  4. remove any wrong registrants (unlikely to be many of those)
  5. wait some more
  6. close it to guests
There must be a better way?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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