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[Solved]questions about the shoutbox
on my site , when i type a message then click on the shout button it sends me to another screen , is it possible to make it so that the shoutbox leaves you on the main page when you post in the shoutbox, thank you for any assistance anyone can offer
I think it was said before that it was either being worked on, or impossible. Either way, you can't get it now.

P.S, wouldn't this belong in plugin support?
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Indeed, it belongs there. Moving.

About the redirecting: that's something that should be edited in the shoutbox.php file. You can't do that yourself. So we have to wait for Adam (or Belloman and kodaksToungue).. in case they want to edit it for you. I'd also change it, cause it is 'stupid' to redirect to another page.


And modify it to whatever you want.
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I agree, the only thinbg I see wrong with it that a large shoutbox may hurt 56kers, but that can easily be fixed by having a button that must be pressed to show/hide the shoutbox.
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on my forum we see 3 shout boxes, can that be fixed?

it is taking so much time to find this information!
if you can, point me in the right direction:

I want to add gifs & make the chat room work (the directions are in GERMAN!)

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