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Downtime 1/14/2009
Downtime 1/14/2009

Sorry about the downtime today was about 8 hours. Appears that windows updates locked up the machine and required a reboot. Didn't notice it till I came from work.

Do to plan to make it up for you in early Feb with some awesome updates to createmybb
Please don't PM me for support. Try to post a topic allows other people to learn.
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Thanks Jon for the update. I tried to access the support forum but nothing was happening, I have my fellow admin and my mods emailing me like crazy.

Anyways, thanks Jon for the update Big Grin


P.S - What you plannin'? Wink
Please do not PM me for support. Please post it in the support forum so
1. You get a faster reply from other members or a createmybb team member
2. Others learn

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